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SRSO playing vital role on shelter, food provision, health and hygiene, child protection, agriculture recovery, livestock and education

Sukkur: (APP) The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Sindh Rural Support Orgnization (SRSO) has said that rehabilitation, rescue as well as emergency relief operations are continuing by SRSO at right bank of river Indus in Jacobabad, Shikarpur, Kandhkot Kashmore, Larkana, Shahdadkot and on left bank of river Indus in districts Khairpur, Ghotki, Noshero Feroze and Sukkur districts of the Sindh since August 2010 till to date adding that SRSO has been working on shelter, food provision, health and hygiene, child protection, agriculture recovery, livestock and education sectors in its operational areas the catastrophic massive than Sunami affected people. In his exclusive interview with APP here on Friday, he said that SRSO rehabilitates all the damaged areas with the help of planned approach by the Government of Sindh and reconstructing damaged buildings, house, infrastructure in planned manner and better than before. He said that floods have fully damaged 5,39,899 houses while another 8,48,412 houses have suffered partial damage adding that more than 80,000 livestock have been washed away by flood waters in Sindh while crops like cotton, banana, dates, chilli and sugarcane on 2,800,000 acres have been destroyed or affected. About 31,960 villages have been badly affected by the floods. In response to the massive floods in Sindh, the SRSO also established an Emergency Cell which has been working since declaration of emergency. CEO said that his organization started its flood relief operations in the existing camps established by the Government. Initially primary needs were to priorities by focusing on basic needs of the community while SRSO provided cooked food, safe drinking water through tankers, fodder and vaccination for animals and WASH (e.g. clean drinking water, hygiene kits, hygiene sessions, pit latrines) facilities etc. Subsequently these activities were complemented by other donor activities such as distribution of dry food rations, installation of hand pumps, temporary latrines,temporary shelters and health and hygiene awareness sessions he said and added that with the support of different donors, we started rehabilitation work and support for livelihood on earlyrecovery and to generate resources to tackle, food security and shelter requirements. These livelihood projects are mainly funded by USAID and they have mainly focus on resource generation through agricultural support, he maintained. Highlighting the relief and rehabilitation projects like Agriculture Recovery Project (ARP), Village Rehabilitation Programme (VRP), Save the Flood & Disaster Victims Organization, YUSRA Project of One Room Transitional Shelter, FAO-Rice project, SEHAT project:, Help age International, Food Support, Temporary Shelter, Emergency Health Services and others adding that ARP project funded by USAID; SARP project has benefited 50,576 Households with agri inputs support package for the cultivation of Sunflower on 101,152 acres land at 7 districts of the province, Agriculture Recovery Project was launched in 7 districts of Sindh from December 2010 in partnership with the Rural Support Programs Network (RSPN), Sindh Rural Support Organization (SRSO) and Sindh Abadgar Board (SAB). The total value of this USAID SARP project is $ 15 million. With USAID support, SARP is providing agricultural inputs to flood affected small farmers to grow sunflowers. Under SARP, the target beneficiaries are 50,575 small farmers (owners, tenants, and share croppers) and 101,150 acres, i.e. 2 acres per beneficiary. The package of support to the small farmers includes: certified sunflower seeds(2 KGs per acre), fertilizers (DAP and Urea 50 KGs bags each per acre), trainings on sunflowers cultivation and cash packages for land preparation, cash for on-farm (water courses repair) and for threshers and harvesting. besides given support of cash grant of 1st instalment to 6,827 Bhhs out of 50,576, through VRP over 37,12 Houses are initiated for construction and 186 houses have been completed out of 7000 supported by Government of Sindh in Kashmore, Shikarpur and Jacobabad district of the interior Sindh. 157 Houses are initiated for construction and 09 houses are completed out of 200 in district Kamber-Shahdakot through the project of save the flood and disaster victims organization, he added. Moreover, 23 houses are initiated for construction in Kamber-Shahdakot, Larkana through the YUSRA Project of One Room Transitional Shelter and 500 Bhhs houses are also finalized in district Jacobabad. 47,4 82 Bhhs would also be supported with rice and 32,403 Bhhs are identified for the Rice assistance and further identification is in process through the project of FAO-Rice project, he said and added that under the project of Sehat, a formation of Village SEHAT Committee 179, Identified of CRPs male andfemale indentified 358 and Formed of UC Network 04. To a question, he said that 1800 personal kits,2000 nutrition Kits, 2000 Mosquito nets & mospel,1431 Winterization kits,1200 Hygiene kits also distributed to old people with the partnership of HAI including grant cash of Un-conditional to 120 Beneficiaries amount up to 10000 and Conditional grant 4000 HHs amount per family was 15000 under the project of Help age International, also distributed Mobility aids in old people like walking sticks 700, wheel chairs 34,Toilet seats 100,Hearing aids 38 and pair of Crutches in 14 old people. He said that SRSO provided cooked food (two times a day) to 1,351,372 individuals with the support of Relief commission, Government of Sindh in Khairpur, Sukkur, Shikarpur, Kashmore, Jacobabad, Ghotki, Shehdadkot and Larkana districts during emergency phase in august, September and October in government established camps. SRSO has also provided emergency shelters to 17,172 the affected families with the support of its partners adding that through Wash Project, 196,957 families in the flood affected areas provided hygiene kits, installation of emergency latrines, bathing cubicles, Hand pumps, clean drinking water (9.8 million liters), more than one million purification tabs and Hygiene session, (Jerry canes and plastic buckets) with the supported by Government of Sindh, UNICEF, USAID, UKAID besides, SRSO has also installed 40 water filter plants with a filtration capacity of 5,000 litres per day each plant with the support of Sindh Provincial Governmnet. To another question, Dr Sono said SRSO has provided vaccination and treatment to 115,000 animals with the support of its partners and provided fodder for 129,448 animals including wheat straw, palates and blended feed through Live Stock project. He further said that his organization also established 61 temporary learning and recreational centres in Jacobabad, Sukkur and Ghotki districts with the support of UNICEF in which 5009 children were provided basic education and were engaged in recreational activities to get them out of trauma.

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