9:17 am - Sunday March 15, 2015

Corruption at Sukkur Railway Electric Branch derailing Pakistan Railways

Ahsan M. Baloch

SUKKUR: An employee of Sukkur Railway sought an inquiry against the official of Electric Branch Sukkur  Railways, who are presumably involved in a mega corruption scandals.

He told on the condition of anonymity to this scribe that Divisional Assistant Electrical Engineer (DAEE) was the main part of alleged scandal which was pertaining to massive misappropriation, embezzlement and misuse of authority.

According to him he already had approached to NAB and also to Supreme Court of Pakistan, which had initiated the inquiry in compliance of the order of the Supreme Court.

He demanded a high level team to be constituted to carry out investigation. He said that probable conducted inquiry will determine the amount embezzled and the extent of responsibility of the railway officials as well as others.

Moreover, he also demanded the chairman Railway and DG FIA for the initiation of probe into ‘corruption’ in Electric Branch of Sukkur Railway

Sources said the NAB would investigate the corruption allegedly carried out in the purchasing of substandard material at plentiful rate and alleged payment of salaries to at least of 22 TLA Railway Staff without of their working.

He also demanded a judicial inquiry against this official saying that the DAEE has looted the public money and strict action should be taken against him.

He said that the alleged official of PR was involved in huge corruption; so they should be sacked from the post and the looted money should be recovered from the after arresting him.

On the reaction of such misappropriation in Pakistan Railway Sukkur Division, the leaders of Sukkur Shehri Itehad and other Civil Societies had called for campaign to foil moves to close down the railways.

Furthermore, he told that corruption is not limited to those in senior positions. Low-level corruption is hurting Pakistan Railways Sukkur as well.


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